Zumba Gold Is for Everyone!

Zumba Gold Is for Everyone!

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Zumba for beginners is pretty darn overwhelming, right?ย Unfortunately, a lot of people's first impression of Zumba is that it's hard, the movements are foreign and you're never going to be able to "get it" or keep up. Sound familiar?
It sure was my story when I took my first Zumba class. I had never heard of Zumba when I joined my local YMCA, but the description in the catalog sounded interesting and I love to dance, so I thought I'd try it out. Well... I loved the music, but I walked out of the class shaking my head and saying "I'll never be able to move like those women!" They were shaking their hips, shimmying their upper half, popping their booty... all VERY unfamiliar movements for this middle-aged lady!
But... I am not a quitter and I had made a commitment to myself to get more fit and healthy, so I kept at it and over time, I mastered Zumba. I still may not be able to shake it like the young'uns, but I have come a long way! And so can you!

But, Zumba Gold Is for EVERYBODY!

When I started my Zumba journey, the Y only offered basic Zumba, so it was sink or swim. But these days, you have choices. There is now Zumba Gold. Originally conceived with the active older adult in mind (hence the name "Gold" for golden years, I guess?), this Zumba format has evolved to encompass much more, and... it is absolutely perfect for beginners!
Zumba Goldย uses the same infectious Latin and International rhythms, with pop, rock and swing thrown in. Probably, you'll find a bit less emphasis on reggaeton and hip hop in a Gold class.ย In Gold, weย also use the same basic steps and movements, but in less complex ways than what you often see in basic Zumba. We try to limit the number of different patterns per song to no more than 4 or 5.
Zumba Gold also is low impact (no jumping), sometimes a little slower, and has less twisting and turning (if any). So if you are a beginner, it's a lot easier to catch on to the steps and start to learn the Zumba "vocabulary" of rhythms and movements in a Gold class. Zumba Gold truly is the perfect Zumba for beginners!

Just Try It... You Might LOVE It!

If you've ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed or confused in a basic Zumba class, try Zumba Gold. It will be a whole different experience. Also, Zumba Gold students tend to be more welcoming, less judgmental and less competitive. You will feel comfortable and successful in my Zumba Gold classes. I work hard to help you feel that way!
Zumba Gold is the right Zumba for beginners, for the active older adult, for pregnant women, for anyone recovering from a health issue or even just for someone who is rhythmically-challenged. And you know what? You can always "graduate" to a basic Zumba class down the line, when you have gained your skill and confidence. Don't think of Zumba Gold as a class for people who aren't good enough for regular Zumba. Instead, think of it a place to learn and get better at your own pace!
And remember... I am always here to help you on your Zumba journey!๐Ÿ˜Š

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